Wide receiver Van Jefferson, born Vanchi LaShawn Jefferson Jr, celebrate two wins last night. The Los Angeles Rams player won Super Bowl LVI and welcomed his second child! Van’s wife Samaria went into labor during the biggest game of the year.

After the conclusion of the game, Van shared a photo to his Instagram Stories to announce the arrival of his second child. In the photo, the football player smiled widely as he held his newborn close. It’s a boy! The name of the couple’s son has not yet been revealed.

van jefferson
via van_j12 on Instagram

Samaria – who had never missed a home game of her husband’s – had been at the Super Bowl but ultimately left after going into labor. Ahead of the game, Samaria shared how adamant she was about being there to support her husband. “Just like any other game, I’m going to be there this Sunday and I’m going to stay calm … and pray to God my water doesn’t break. I am 100 percent going to be there. I would not miss this moment for anything. I will be 40 weeks pregnant at the Super Bowl, supporting my husband 100 percent.”

Samaria was reportedly taken out of SoFi Stadium on a stretcher after going into labor. She reportedly told the Rams support staff and her family not to tell Van if she went into labor during the game. Van had been against that idea. Samaria shared, “He is going to play. He is going to keep playing. I said, ‘You play, I’ll see you at the hospital afterwards.’ That’s what it is. I will never take that moment away from him.”

Van and Samaria have been together since they were in high school. The two are married but there is little known about when they tied the knot. The couple welcomed their first child together in 2016 – a girl named Bella.

Congratulations to Van and Samaria on the arrival of their second child! The family enjoyed a very special evening indeed!

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