Last month, Bachelor star Nick Viall announced that he was expecting his first baby with his fiancée Natalie Joy. The couple has now revealed the sex of their little one. “Baby Viall is a….”

The couple posted a joint video that featured the two in their home holding a balloon. The string leading up to the big black balloon with question marks on it was lined with small pink and blue balloons. They each held on hand with each other while Natalie held the balloon in place for Nick to pop. Once popped small pink balloons and confetti were revealed. It’s a girl! In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Nick shared a bit of insight into a name of their little one. “We have a favorite, but Natalie is determined to wait throughout the remaining pregnancy before fully committing to a name.”

In their interview with PEOPLE, the couple opened up about the early days of learning Natalie was pregnant. To share the news with her partner, Natalie recounted, “I took two positive pregnancy tests, got a couple of baby outfits, and put them in a drawer, knowing Nick would open it when we were making dinner. He was shocked, to say the least.” Nick admitted it was difficult to keep the news quiet. “Early on, we had a very hard time not telling people. You always hear that you’re not supposed to tell too many people too early because complications can happen, but it was so exciting to finally share the news with our entire community.”

Nick began dating Natalie in 2020, but the two kept their romance private until January 2021. After the news went public, Nick shared on his podcast “The Viall Files” that the surgical technologist “slid into my DMs.” This past January, the two announced they were engaged.

Congratulations to Nick and Natalie on the news of their baby girl!

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