Professional Tennis player Taylor Townsend has announced that she is expecting her first child!

Taylor shared a video to her IGTV that showed a video and photo collage of her playing tennis. Taylor spoke through a voiceover discussing the many, many challenges she faced as a young athlete at the age of 12 right up through her career even today. “My entire life, my entire career, I’ve heard ‘You can’t,’ ‘You won’t.’ And I’ve used it as a reason to fight hard and as motivation to keep playing.”

She continued on by sharing, “I’m sure this won’t be any different. So I have to prove them wrong again. Because now, I have the best reason ever to fight. You might think what I’ve done so far is impressive, but just wait until you see what I do next.” The video then shot to Taylor holding her growing baby bump. Then, a formal announcement appeared on the screen that said, “Baby Townsend Due March 2021!”

Taylor, 24, is clearly excited to motherhood. She already added “mom to be” in her Instagram bio.

The Tennis star recently competed in the 2020 US Open, while pregnant, it turns out, in both the singles and doubles tournaments. Currently, she is ranked 90th in the Women’s Tennis Association rankings.

Congratulations to Taylor on becoming a mom! We look forward to seeing what she does next.

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