HGTV host Drew Scott of the Property Brothers series has announced his next role. Drew and his wife Linda Phan, a podcast producer, are expecting their first child together! The reality star and his wife have previously been open about their challenges to start a family since tying the knot in 2018.

Drew and Linda shared a joint Instagram post to reveal the news, which featured two mirror images taken of the couple showing off Linda’s baby bump. “It has been an adventure to get here!” the couple started their post, referencing the fertility challenges they faced in trying to grow their family. “We know we’re not alone in this experience and that everyone’s is filled with unique challenges along the way.”

“When we first started down this path,” the caption continued, “we quickly felt sooooo appreciative of the doctors we’ve been fortunate to work with, and fam and friends who supported us throughout, sharing their stories or simply just being there. It made an overwhelming time in our lives more manageable. We hope as we grow through this, that even one of you reading this can also feel a little less lonely in whatever path you’re on!”

The couple, who have been together for 12 years and married for 4, went through two years of fertility treatments that included IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (in vitro fertilization). While IUI was unsuccessful, IVF did the trick and the couple finally received good news this past August. They were pregnant! The At Home podcasters will be welcoming their little one in May 2022.

Drew and Linda also shared a vlog to their YouTube channel that documented their journey. The video showed the highs and lows of the fertilization journey, from Drew giving Linda shots in her stomach as she hides her face in a pillow to doctors visits and tears, and Linda meditating, goofily dancing to the beat of her heart monitor in a hospital bed, and finally, an ultrasound and a heartbeat. “Today was a good day,” Drew shared after finding out the news to which Linda agreed, “Today was a very good day.”

Congratulations to Drew and Linda on the news of their little one! We wish them all the best as they prepare to welcome their first child.

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