Producer Kelly Mi Li, most notably known for starring on the Netflix reality series The Bling Empire, is pregnant! Kelly is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, whose identity has not yet been revealed. “Well, the mystery to why I’ve been craving sweets and not just spicy food is finally solved!”

Kelly announced her pregnancy news in a paid partnership with ClearBlue alongside an image of the entrepreneur holding up a positive pregnancy test. “We’re so beyond grateful and excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives.” Kelly also included a video of her announcing the news to her mother and added in her caption, “If you watch #BlingEmpire, then you know how much my mom wants to be a grandma!” Her mother became excited and emotional at learning she would become a grandmother.

The Echo Boomers producer spoke exclusively with People about learning about her pregnancy. “When we found out, it was actually kind of shocking. He lives in San Francisco, I live in L.A., so when my period didn’t come, the monthly visit didn’t come. So we went and got Clearblue, the pregnancy test.” Having a family was something the reality star had previously discussed with her partner. “We talked about having kids earlier but we were going to start trying [at] the end of the year. So we actually bought a bunch of Clearblue ovulation tests before so I would start getting used to using it, but we just really didn’t think it was going to happen so fast because I’m a little worried because I’m 36, I just turned 37…so I wanted to take the ovulation test and just to get it into a monthly rhythm.”

Kelly admitted that she was very shocked to find out she was expecting. “I’m very much in denial. A lot of time when I take the Covid test I’m like, is it really two lines? But with Clearblue, because if it’s pregnant, I was like this, ‘Am I reading this right?’ So it was really shocking but honestly, we’re just so grateful and so blessed… To this day I still feel like it’s so surreal.”

The film producer is excited about taking this next step in her journey. “I feel like being a mother is an experience in a woman’s life that you can’t replace it with anything else. And I’m just really excited to, and I’m ready to, experience that part of my journey and my life and that’s just really it. I don’t know what to expect, but I think it’s going to be good.”

Congratulations to Kelly and her boyfriend on the news of their pregnancy! We wish her good health and lots of love as she prepares to become a mother.

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