Reality star Tia Booth, who appeared on season 22 of The Bachelor and seasons 5 and 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, is pregnant with her first child! In honor of Father’s Day, Tia shared a touching post about her pregnancy following the loss of her father earlier this year.

“This has undoubtedly been my most challenging season thus far,” Tia began her post, which featured two black and white images of the reality star with her fiancé Taylor Mock and one image of a young Tia with her father. “I’ve never felt such overwhelming sadness and pure joy at the same time. It’s been difficult to be grateful for the good as if one of the most important people in my life is missing the celebration. While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do. Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this.”

Tia’s pregnancy news comes just a few months after she announced her engagement to Taylor. The couple, who went public with their romance in October of 2021, announced their engagement in April. “Never been more shocked or sure in my life,” Tia wrote at the time. “I love you so much Tay, my FIANCÉ!!!” Tia gushed about her new beau earlier this year writing, “This guy truly doesn’t get enough credit for putting up with my shit. He came into my life during the most difficult season I’ve ever faced and hasn’t wavered. I’ve tried to push him away more times than I can count, but he’s stuck through it all. Maybe once we’re on the other side of it I’ll write a book to explain, but for now here’s some genuine soft smiles.”

Congratulations to Tia and Taylor on the news of their pregnancy! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to welcome their first child into the world.

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