Actress Rosario Dawson, 44, is gearing up for an exciting new role in her life. The Ahsoka star is expecting her first grandchild! In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the actress shared that her 21-year-old daughter Isabella is pregnant.

The Rent star shared that she is “very excited” to become a grandma and revealed that Isabella is due next year. Rosario has already decided what she wants her grandchild to call her: Glamma. Rosario adopted her only daughter in 2014 when Isabella was 11-years-old. The actress knew Isabella’s mother and upon finding out she was in foster care, Rosario sought her out. Of adopting Isabella, Rosario has said, “It wasn’t even a question; it was clearly meant to be.”

In 2021, Rosario opened up in an interview with Health about her experience adopting Isabella. “I’m grateful for her development, our maturation and our connection. To have a young person move in with you and to have to really consciously work through triggers and that kind of stuff is a really different thing than being pregnant and having your baby grow up in front of you — to be able to see how we’re getting closer and closer. We are a family, and it’s beautiful.”

Prior to 2018, the name of Rosario’s daughter was rumored to be Lola. However, after Isabella turned 18, Rosario cleared up the confusion on an episode of Parents magazine’s We Are Family podcast. “It’s so interesting. When I adopted her, I didn’t put her name out. It wasn’t like I did a press release or anything, and I don’t know where it came from, but somebody decided that her name was Lola and then everyone just kept running with it.” Of her name Isabella, Rosario did share the origin of her moniker. “She’s named after my grandmother, so my grandmother was Isabel. My mom’s Isabel Celeste, I’m Rosario Isabel.” Isabella has gone by the nickname Bella or Isa, and with the family origins, there’s a chance this new baby could carry on the naming tradition.

Congratulations to Isabella and Rosario on this exciting family news!

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