In April of this year, actress Rumer Willis welcomed her first baby with her partner Derek Richard Thomas. The couple had a baby girl named Louetta Isley. Now, just after her daughter turned 8-months-old, the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has revealed the inspiration for her baby girl’s name.

On Instagram, Rumer did a Q&A with her followers and someone asked where Louetta’s name came from. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star shared a picture of herself kissing her daughter and explained, “Her name is a mix of things I love. I have always loved the name Lou so was thinking of that for both a boy or a girl but then when we found out she was a girl, we came up with Louetta. We wanted to give her options and me and my dad’s favorite singers are Lou (Louie Armstrong), Etta (Etta James), Isley (Isley Brothers).”

In 2022, the Willis family revealed that Bruce was diagnosed with aphasia. However, the condition has now progressed to a more serious condition called frontotemporal dementia. The Die Hard star has retired from acting following his initial diagnosis. The family has been open about the struggles they’ve faced following Bruce’s diagnosis, including Rumer. Last month, the actress shared a throwback picture with her father and wrote in the caption, “Really missing my papa today. 🥲” Rumer also recently shared at an event how Louetta favors her grandfather. “Whenever she’s got a stern discerning look on her face, I just see Bruce Willis,” she explained, “My dad — especially on [the TV series] Moonlighting — has this little side smirk, that very [mischievous] twinkle in his eye, and I see that so much in her.”

With Louetta’s first Christmas just around the corner, Rumer spoke with PEOPLE about how she plans to bring the magic of the season to her daughter, much like the kind she remembers growing up. “We always do stuff together at Christmas and everybody has a stocking and to just be able to see her there this Christmas, it’s exciting. Christmas is such a big holiday for us. I think inherently, some of the most magical parts of myself are definitely from them [Bruce Willis and Demi Moore]. So I feel like that will be passed down to her. I love watching them with her.”

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