This summer, news of actress Sienna Miller’s pregnancy made headlines while on vacation with her boyfriend Oli Green. Now, months later, the Anatomy of a Scandal star has confirmed her pregnancy and opened up about being pregnant at 41-years-old in a cover story for the Winter 2024 issue of Vogue magazine. In the interview, she also revealed the sex of her second baby.

During her interview, the actress shared that she is 28-weeks along in her pregnancy and that she is expecting a baby girl! This little one will be her first baby with Oli, and she shares her first child, her 11-year-old daughter Marlowe, with actor Tom Sturridge. In addition to sharing this news, Sienna also opened up about welcoming a baby in her 40s and the 14-year age gap between her and Oli.

On addressing her insecurities about having a baby later in life, the Horizon star reflected, “I’d love to get to a point where I didn’t feel the need to make a joke of my being older and having a baby. To show I’m in on the joke.” She went on to discuss her iconic look for Vogue World in September, where she wore a puffy white two-piece outfit that bared her baby bump. She revealed she was “nervous about the idea of it, but once I had it on, everything else felt boring. I was like, ‘I’ll have that photo for the rest of my baby’s life.’ It’s kind of fascinating to fight your own prejudice against yourself. I’m constantly doing that.”

As for her relationship with The Crown star, Sienna challenged the discourse of their age gap. “I would imagine it would be complicated for anyone to get their head around, but there’s been nothing but love and joy. I don’t think you can legislate on matters of the heart. I certainly have never been able to.”

Congratulations to Sienna and Oli on the news of their baby girl!

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