Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. Source: @hilariabaldwin.
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. Source: @hilariabaldwin.

Three babies in three years may seem like a lot to some people, but Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are up to the challenge!

The yogi made the announcement via Instagram, posting a sweet photo of the happy couple kissing on the street while holding a blue teddy bear in front of her.  She wrote, “Ireland, Carmen, Rafael, Alec, and I are excited to share with you that we are going to have another addition to our family. A little boy coming this fall.”

The family sat down for an interview in Extra to discuss the baby on the way. While the couple knew they wanted a third child, Alec said the plan was “maybe not so soon.”  Added Hilaria, “I feel like all of our children were semi-surprises, in a good way, good surprise, positive surprises.”

While they revealed the gender, Hilaria told Extra that she would not be sharing the name in advance. “We think we know, however, I’m not going to share it with you.” She joked that she and Alec do not have similar ideas when it comes to names. “[He] likes names like Joe and Tony, I like names like Sebastian and Orlando and Carmen and Rafa. I don’t think I can have a Tony Baldwin.”

The couple married in 2012 in New York City and have two children together: a daughter Carmen, 2 1/2, and a son Rafael, 9 months.  Alec has a 20-year-old daughter, Ireland, from his marriage to actress Kim Basinger.