Today meteorologist and co-host Dylan Dreyer has revealed this morning that she is expecting baby number 2 with her husband, Brian Fichera. In a sweet video, Dylan’s first son, Calvin, looks at a sonogram photo of his little baby sibling which reveals to the rest of the Today hosts that Dylan and her family are expecting a baby.

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We are still smiling from this big announcement!

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The announcement comes just three months after Dylan opened up about her struggles with infertility. After trying to conceive baby number 2 for six months, Dylan and her husband sought help from doctors. During National Infertility Week, the couple opted to share their personal story to help break down the stigma associated with infertility.

Dylan shared that they were facing secondary infertility, which occurs when a couple who has already had a baby struggles to conceive again. When they tried to conceive their first son, Calvin, they did not face infertility issues. Doctors discovered that Dylan had a very low egg count. She also had significant scarring on her uterus from the emergency c-section she had to deliver her first child. Dylan underwent a procedure to clear the scar tissue. After that, the couple got pregnant right away. However, Dylan revealed that the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

The next step for Dylan and Brian was IVF. The Today co-host shared that when she was ready to start her IVF treatments, she was headed to the Kentucky Derby. She had all of her medications with her when she received a call from her doctor. She was pregnant!

Being pregnant wasn’t the only announcement Dylan had today. She also revealed the gender live on the air! After the other hosts of the morning show shared their guesses to the gender, Calvin drove onto the set in a blue toy Jeep with blue balloons attached to reveal his baby sibling will be a boy!

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