YouTube star Lauren Webber, who goes by LaurenzSide on the video platform, has announced the gender of her first child with her husband Bobby.

It’s a girl! Lauren posted a video to her YouTube page where she and Bobby took a unique approach to announce their baby’s gender. On the video, they added a disclaimer that read: “In this video, we are referring to the baby’s Biological Gender, not their Gender Identity.” The couple tackled 13 old wives’ tales to test out the accuracy and at the end of the video, they revealed the actual gender.

They kept a scorecard for all the wives’ tales they tried which included: Heart Rate, the Skull Theory, Stomach Carrying Height, Pregnancy Acne, Cravings, Chinese/Mayan Calendar, Position of the Linea Nigra, Morning Sickness, Wedding Ring Test, Swollen Legs, Clumsy, Headaches, and Mood Swings. The results were pretty split! Seven of the tests determined it was a girl while six of the tests determined it was a boy. In the end, it turned out to be a girl!

Lauren, who is primarily a gaming YouTuber, announced her pregnancy in November. She shared that she was due with her little one on May 11, 2021. When announcing the news, Lauren and Bobby took to YouTube to discuss the pregnancy and pre-emptively answer any questions their audience had about the couple starting a family. Lauren shared that she and Bobby were trying to conceive when they became pregnant.

Congratulations to Lauren and Bobby on this exciting news about their little one! We wish Lauren continued health in her pregnancy and all the best in preparing for their daughter.

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