Actor David Henrie announced the arrival of his second child with his wife Maria Cahill. They welcomed a baby boy on Christmas day!

David shared that his second child arrived on December 25 and 9:33 pm weighing 8lbs and 13oz. The couple chose to name their son James Thomas Augustine Henrie. James will join the Henrie family with an older sister. David and Maria welcomed their first child earth-side in March of 2019, a daughter named Pia Philomena Francesca.

The Wizards of Waverly Place star gave a bit of insight into his wife’s birth story by sharing, “My wife is a superhero and was able to achieve her goal of having a drug free birth. I’m so proud of her!” David also revealed why James’ birth date has a special meaning for them. “Aside from sharing the stage with none other than Jesus, He blessed us in a special way by giving us James on this date because it was December 25th, 2019 that we had our fourth miscarriage.”

This isn’t the first time David has shared his and Maria’s struggle to conceive a baby. When announcing the birth of his daughter Pia, the actor shared that the couple had suffered three miscarriages before successfully carrying Pia to full-term. “Today is a particularly special day for Maria and I… and it’s special because in order to get to where we are today, with the joy of our newborn in our arms, my wife and I went through trials. I felt compelled to share this because I had no clue just how difficult trying to start a family could be. See, Pia Philomena Francesca Henrie has brothers and sisters… Maria and I suffered three miscarriages before finally being able to carry Pia to full term. While it was insanely difficult recovering from miscarriage after miscarriage, we knew if we were ever going to be able to hold a baby of our own in our arms that we must not let the tragedy affect our marriage, but rather grow closer together!”

Congratulations to David and Maria on welcoming their second child into the world! We wish them all the best.

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