YouTuber Stevin John has announced the arrival of his first child! The video creator, known as his alias Blippi in his educational videos for toddlers and young children, revealed that he and his partner Alyssa Ingham welcomed their little one on March 9th.

The couple previously revealed in February that their first child would be a boy. Baby boy has arrived and the couple shared the name they chose for him: Lochlan David John. Lochlan is a name of Scottish heritage that means “From The Land Of Lakes.” Lochlan arrived on March 9th and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and measured 20 inches at birth. Stevin shared in his post, “You’re mother and I love you so much! Welcome to the world!”

The video creator shared with Parents what he hopes to bring to his son’s life. “Since I’m a very curious person and want to learn everything—that’s why Blippi videos are the way they are—I am very excited to teach our own child the curiosities and joys of life. I had an amazing childhood and spent a lot of time outdoors, so I am excited to experience that through his viewpoint.”

Stevin also opened up about how his son will bring new inspiration to his role as Blippi, a character who is loved by thousands of children. “My nephew Hunter was the first inspiration for making Blippi videos when he was a toddler. He’s 11 now, so he’s past the Blippi age. It was really rewarding making videos for him and kids like him when he was younger. I think having my own child in the Blippi age will make it really special and even more exciting.”

Congratulations to Stevin and Alyssa on the arrival of baby Lochlan! We hope the couple are settling in well to their new role as parents.

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