The background is a close up of Michelangelo's Creation of David, of the hands reaching out. The title says 20 Renaissance Baby Names.

Following the European medieval period, the Renaissance era is considered to be from the 14th or 15th centuries to the 17th. It was a time of cultural, artistic, and political change and was focused on the concepts of rediscovery and progress. The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy and slowly spread to other European countries in the 15th century. This vibrant revolutionary era in history is a treasure trove of name inspiration! Below are 20 names of people from the Renaissance period. Some will be very familiar, but others are lesser known historical figures. Which names are your favorite?

Masculine Renaissance Names

  1. ALBRECHTAlbrecht Dürer and Albrecht Altdorfer, artists.
  2. LEONARDOLeonardo da Vinci, artist/scientist/architect.
  3. RAPHAELRaphael, painter and architect.
  4. LUCALuca Signorelli, painter. Luca Pacioli, mathematician. Luca Marenzio, composer.
  5. DONATELLODonatello, sculptor.
  6. TYCHOTycho Brahe, mathematician.
  7. MICHELANGELOMichelangelo, sculptor/painter/architect. Michelangelo Falvetti, composer.
  8. LORENZOLorenzo de’ Medici, statesman/banker/de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic and Renaissance patron.
  9. GALILEOGalileo Galilei, astronomer/physicist/engineer.
  10. TIZIANOTiziano Vecelli, also known as Titian in English, painter.

Feminine Renaissance Names

  1. ARTEMISIAArtemisia Gentileschi, painter.
  2. GIOVANNAGiovanna Garzoni, painter.
  3. ELIZABETHQueen Elizabeth I, queen of England and Ireland.
  4. LEVINALevina Teerlinc, painter.
  5. PLAUTILLAPlautilla Nelli, first known female Renaissance artist of Florence.
  6. ISOTTAIsotta Nogarola, writer.
  7. CATHERINESaint Catherine of Siena, author and mystic.
  8. LAVINIALavinia Fontana, painter.
  9. SOFONISBASofonisba Anguissola, painter.
  10. MARIETTAMarietta Robusti, painter.

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