The background is outer space and the title says 20 Space Baby Names

Outer space is a popular source for name inspiration. From constellations to moons, there are so many to choose from! You might have considered the more common Orion or Lyra, but there are some rare choices that are out of this world. Below are 20 uncommon space related names ranging from the names of celestial bodies in our universe to names with space meanings. Which space names are your favorite? For even more space names, check out our podcast episode Names from Space!

Space Feminine Names

  1. CARINAThe name of both a constellation and a nebula
  2. IOA moon of Jupiter
  3. ASTRAEAThe name means “Of the Stars, Heavens”
  4. CALLISTOA moon of Jupiter
  5. PORTIAA moon of Uranus
  6. AMALTHEAA moon of Jupiter
  7. CRESSIDAA moon of Uranus
  8. LIESMAA star in the constellation Ursa Major
  9. ALCMENEThe name means “Strength of the Moon”
  10. VELAA constellation in the southern sky

Space Masculine Names

  1. MARSThe fourth planet from the sun
  2. OBERONA moon of Uranus
  3. ALTAIRA star in the constellation Aquila
  4. KOITA star in the Lynx constellation.
  5. EVRENThe name means “The Universe, the Cosmos”
  6. FERDINANDA moon of Uranus
  7. AQUILAA constellation on the celestial equator
  8. PERSEUSA constellation in the northern sky
  9. ELTANINA star in the constellation Draco
  10. CORVUSA constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere

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