Along with nature and word names, animal baby names are on the rise! If you’re looking for some to add to your list, look no further. Here are 25 animals that are ready to be given as names!

Bear: Bear Grylls (real name Edward) may be most people’s main association, but this isn’t just a one-man name! Despite a bear being a powerful animal, as a name it sounds soft and wearable.

Birdie: There are quite a few wonderful bird names, but why not just Birdie itself? It’s a great fashionable choice.

Bunny: If Kitty can work as a name, Bunny can as well! It would make an adorable name.

Colt: This name isn’t horsing around! Colt is a fun choice with a western flare.

Dove: As a symbol of love, peace, or messenger in various cultures and religions, this beautiful bird would make a great namesake.

Falcon: While there are many bird names used on girls, this would make a very cool name for boys!

Brown Falcon in Australia

Fawn: Fauna may be more common, but Fawn would be an adorable name as well.

Finch: Another underutilized bird name, this would work well for any gender!

Fox: These adorable mischievous critters are loved by many, plus the X-Files have given it a great association as a human name.

Hawk: Like Falcon, this would make a very cool name choice. Plus, the familiarity of the surname Hawkins makes it even more usable!

Heron: If birds of prey aren’t your speed, this elegant bird would make a fantastic namesake.

Jaguar: These spotted beauties are among the fastest cats in the world and it would be a powerful sounding name.

Kestrel: While most falcons are known for hunting mid-flight, Kestrels are able to hover in still air – even in enclosed spaces. This lesser-known bird would be a very fascinating name choice.

Kit: This is the term for various young animals, including foxes and rabbits. Kit is also a nickname for Katherine and Christopher, making it a very accessible name that works for any gender.

Lark: In mythology and literature, a lark represents daybreak. A beautiful bird and a wonderful meaning would make this a very lovely name.

Linnet: This songbird is part of the finch family and has a beautiful call. Linnets were popular during the late Victorian and Edwardian eras and were featured in various poems.

Lynx: When considering names of big cats, the lynx might not be your first thought but it would make a great name! Especially with the popularity of Lincoln, the sound fits right in.

Eurasian lynx

Newt: While usually a nickname for Newton, Newt on its own is ready to shine! Especially with the new positive association of Newt Scamander.

Peregrine: What’s even cooler than the name Falcon? Peregrine! The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world. Plus, it’s a given name in its own right: Peregrine is a Latin name meaning ‘wanderer’ and was the name of several saints.

Raven: These birds are important to a myriad of different cultures all over the world, ranging from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. The species are also incredibly intelligent, ranking as one of the smartest birds.

Sable: A marten species, these cute little mammals would make an unexpected but fun name. The similarity to Mabel makes it feel especially accessible!

Starling: This pretty bird’s name also containing the word star gives it an astrological flair – a great pairing!

Swan: While most bird names are cute small ones or fast falcons, Swan would make an elegant unusual choice. Swans are often the symbol of love and fidelity as they mate for life.

Tiger: This name definitely has more mileage than just the golfer Tiger Woods! As one of the most fearsome members of the animal kingdom, Tiger would be a strong choice.

Wolf: With Wolfgang being a well-known name, mostly thanks to Mozart, Wolf is a fantastic name on its own. As the ancestors of our canine companions, wolves have been important to humans for a long time. This is evident in old personal names such as Ulric, Beowulf, and Conan with wolf in their meanings.