There is an image of Thor's hammer and the title 30 names from norse mythology.

Norse mythology never fails to capture the interest of people around the world! The stories and characters have been used again and again throughout history, with them most recently featured in Marvel of course. Most are familiar with the most well-known characters such as Thor and Loki, but there are many others to be inspired by! Below are 30 names from Norse mythology, an introduction to the characters found in the group of stories.

What do you think of these Norse mythology names?

Feminine Norse Mythology Names

  • BEYLA – A servant of Freyr.
  • BRUNHILDA – One of the valkyries.
  • EIR – A goddess of healing.
  • FREYJA – A goddess of love, beauty, and war.
  • FRIGG – Wife of Odin.
  • FULLA – A handmaiden to Frigg.
  • GERSEMI – A daughter of Freyja.
  • HERJA – A valkyrie.
  • IDUNN – A goddess associated with apples and youth.
  • MIST – A valkyrie.
  • SAGA – A goddess associated with Sökkvabekkr.
  • SIGRÚN – A valkyrie.
  • SIGYN – Wife of Loki.
  • SIF – A goddess associated with helping crops grow and a wife to Thor.
  • VALKYRIE – Women who led the slain to Valhalla.

Masculine Norse Mythology Names

  • ÆGIR – God of the sea.
  • BALDER – Son of Odin.
  • BRAGI – God of poetry.
  • DAGR – Personification of day.
  • DELLINGR – Father of Dagr, the personification of day.
  • FORSETI – God of justice.
  • FREYR – Brother of Freya and is associated with fertility.
  • HEIMDALL – He keeps watch for invaders.
  • LOKI – Trickster god and brother to Thor.
  • MAGNI – Son of Thor.
  • MÍMIR – Known for his wisdom and knowledge.
  • THOR – God of thunder and son of Odin.
  • TYR – A god of war.
  • ULLR – God of archery.
  • VÁLI – Son of Odin.

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