There are illustrations of a Roman temple and a Roman soldier's helmet below the title 40 names from roman mythology.

Roman mythology is an ancient group of myths created by the Roman people. While the collection of myths do have their own unique qualities, the Romans borrowed heavily from not only Greek mythology but mythologies from other cultures as well, such as the Etruscans. The Roman version of classical myths became more widely known than their Greek counterparts as Latin persisted as a common language in Europe well past the ancient era. Roman mythology is a treasure trove of name inspiration, especially when it comes to smaller gods and goddesses most people have never heard of, like the goddess of door hinges! So whether you’re searching for an ancient name for your baby, a fun name for your pet, or an interesting character name – maybe one of these Roman mythology names below will capture your attention.

Feminine Roman Mythology Names

  • ANNONA – Personification of Rome’s grain supply.
  • AURA – Minor goddess of the breezes.
  • AURORA – Goddess of the dawn.
  • BELLONA – A war goddess.
  • CARDEA – Goddess of the door hinge.
  • CARMENTA – Goddess of childbirth and prophecy.
  • CERES – Goddess of the harvest.
  • CLEMENTIA – Goddess of forgiveness.
  • DIANA – Goddess of the hunt and moon.
  • FAUNA – Goddess of prophecy.
  • FERONIA – Goddess of wilderness and freedom.
  • FLORA – Goddess of flowers.
  • MELLONA – Goddess of bees and beekeeping.
  • MINERVA – Goddess of wisdom and war.
  • PAX – Goddess of peace.
  • POMONA – Goddess of fruit trees and orchards.
  • PROSERPINA – Queen of the dead and grain.
  • VENUS – Goddess of love and beauty.
  • VESTA – Goddess of the hearth.
  • VICTORIA – Goddess of victory.

Masculine Roman Mythology Names

  • CAELUS – God of the sky.
  • CONSUS – Protector of grains.
  • FAUNUS – God of flocks.
  • HERCULES – God of strength. He originated from the Greek figure Heracles, but the Romans put their own spin on the character.
  • HONOS – God of honor.
  • JANUS – Two-faced god of beginnings and endings.
  • JUPITER – King of the gods and the god of the sky and lightning.
  • MANTUS – Etruscan god of the dead.
  • MARS – God of war.
  • MERCURY – Messenger of the gods.
  • MITHRAS – A god worshipped in the Roman empire, especially in the armies.
  • NEPTUNE – God of the ocean, earthquakes, and horses.
  • PLUTO – Ruler of the dead.
  • PORTUNUS – God of harbors and ports.
  • QUIRINUS – A god of war.
  • SATURN – God of harvest and agriculture.
  • SILVANUS – God of forests.
  • SOMNUS – God of sleep.
  • TALASIUS – God of marriage.
  • VULCAN – God of fire and blacksmiths.

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