Baby Name Trends for 2024

Now that we’ve calculated the Top Baby Names of 2023, we’re seeing some very distinct baby name trends for 2024. Choosing a name for your little one isn’t just about tradition anymore—it’s about weaving a story that captures the essence of both the parents and their wishes for their little one. Names are becoming more creative as diversity is becoming more celebrated and accepted. Here are the trends we’re noticing heading into the new year of 2024 babies!

Dictionary Word Names

For the last decade, dictionary or “word” names have become more and more popular. It begin with nature names and proper nouns, like Willow, River, Lyric, and Paris. But now we’re seeing different types of words including adjectives like Rugged, Heavenly, Powerful, and colors like Azure and Indigo. We would like to remind parents, however, that giving a child an “expectation name” – a name loaded with a certain characteristic that you hope they have or achieve – might be a psychological burden on the child throughout their life. So take caution when considering names like Messiah, Beautiful, and Honor.

Trending word names include Roman, Forest, Chase, Fox, and Bear for boys; and Ivy, Lily, Ruby, Clover, Felicity, and Calliope for girls.

Dictionary word names that are up-and-coming but not yet on the top of the charts include Deacon, Cash, Dash, Onyx, Chance and Bishop for boys, and Primrose, Magnolia, Briar, Serenity, Dawn and Emerald for girls.

Gender-Neutral Names

In the past century there have been many names that have crossed the gender charts, specifically from boys to girls. Starting with the women’s movement in the 1970s, names that were historically given to boys were being considered and given to girls, like Courtney, Jamie, Quinn, Whitney, Bailey, and Brett. In the 21st century, though, boys and girls are being given gender-ambiguous names as we head into an era where gender is not so binary. Gender-neutral names include dictionary word names, but also place names and surnames. The most popular gender-neutral names heading into 2024 are Sage, Rowan, Willow, Finlay, Harper, and Avery. Historically boy names with an -a sounding ending are also crossing over for girls, such as Noah, Ezra, and Luca.

Gender-neutral place names that are becoming popular include Dallas, Jupiter, Aspen, Dresden, Colorado, and Oslo.

Gender-neutral names that are up-and-coming but not yet on the top of the charts include Story, Navy, Hollis, Cato, Sunday, and Lennon.

Boy Name Trends for 2024

Boy names ending in the -an/-in sound are still trending on the boy’s chart and will continue to do so throughout 2024. Finn, Owen, Declan, Benjamin, Grayson, and Ronan are the frontrunners for this name trend that’s holding strong with boy parents. Also “vintage” or generational English names are on the rise and sticking, including Silas, Miles, Gavin, Cyrus, and Simon.

Twilight-inspired names Jasper, Emmett and Edward are still super-popular as the Twilight tweens of the 1990s are now of child-rearing age.

Sparked by the Aidan trend a decade ago, A- names for boys are still trending, even though the names themselves are more unique. We’re seeing Asher (#1 on the charts), Alastair, Arlo, Atlas, Arthur, Archer, August, Atticus, Adrian, and Ambrose all in the top 100.

Boy names that are starting to rise but not yet on the top 100 include Lionel, Beck, Beckham, Anakin, Cormac, Finnick, Leonardo, and Bowie.

Girl Name Trends for 2024

Interesting name trend for girls is what we call “Celestial Names” or names inspired by outer space. We’re seeing names like Aurora, Luna, Nova, Astrid, Stella, Celeste, and even Andromeda rising for girl names. The “grandma” names are also holding strong, including Alice, Eleanor, Charlotte, Hazel, and Maeve.

Names ending in -et or -ette seem to be trending for girls, with Charlotte leading, and then Violet, Scarlett, Juliet, Odette and Colette.

And speaking of Odette, names beginning with O are trending as people are looking for more unique alternatives to Olivia. These would include Odette, Ophelia, Olive, Octavia, and Opal.

Girl names that are starting to ascend but not yet on the top 100 include Gwendolyn, Nyx, Beatrix, Cleo, Elowyn, Poppy, Althea, and Arwen.

What’s Out in Baby Names for 2024

Crazy spellings of common names – dubbed Tragedeighs on social media – are quickly plummeting, most probably because people are continuously making fun of them in online communities. Instead of concocting wild spellings of common names, parents are opting for choosing more uncommon names to begin with.

As parents look toward giving their children a name that will stand out among their peers, we’re also seeing a drop in the more common “evergreen” names like Michael, William, Elizabeth and Jane – names that have historically held steady on the charts consistently year after year. Most probably because these names are seen as more common and uninspiring for modern babies.

We’re also seeing the  “luxury brand” baby names losing popularity, as well. Names like Bentley, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Armani are now giving almost a “wannabe” vibe, rather than actually personifying wealth and status. Parents who are serious about giving their child a unique baby name will start avoiding these ostentatious brand names moving into 2024.

Finding Baby Name Inspiration in 2024

So where can you find cool, unusual, and unique baby names for 2024? We’ve got many sources of inspo for you heading into the leap year:

  1. Look to your favorite pieces of literature and entertainment. It’s perfectly acceptable to use a name from your favorite literary, fantasy, or film character, as long as it’s not too identifyable with the character or teasable. If you are considering Anakin, for example, you might also consider Andreas or Anderson.
  2. Look to your family tree to find unique and unusual names. Go a couple generations back and check out your great great greats given names and surnames! Using a family surname is a nice way to honor a whole branch of the family tree.
  3. Explore your or your partner’s ethnic background an find unique names that might be of significance to your family and ancestors. This can be a meaningful way to connect with your roots and choose a name that reflects your heritage.
  4. Consider names inspired by nature, seasons, and/or time. Names with positive meanings or connections to elements of nature are timeless choices.
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