Names Inspired by Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, created by J.R.R. Tolkien, has captivated the hearts and minds of fans worldwide since 1937. From its deep mythology to its rich characters, this epic fantasy series of books and films provides a treasure trove of baby names inspiration. Here we have curated a list of baby names from The Lord of the Rings that you can use for first names, middle names, or even your furbabies! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Middle-Earth or simply seeking a name with a touch of magic, these names are sure to transport you to a world of wonder and adventure.

Aragorn (AH-rah-gorn) – Derived from Sindarin, Aragorn translates to “revered king” or “noble king,” representing leadership, courage, and royalty.

Arathorn (AH-ra-thorn) – Derived from Sindarin, Arathorn means “revered king of kings” or “noble king of kings,” embodying strength, nobility, and leadership.

Arwen (AHR-wen) – Derived from Sindarin, Arwen means “noble maiden” or “royal maiden,” symbolizing grace, beauty, and strength.

Bergil (BEAR-gill) – Although undefined, Bergil is likely derived from Common Speech and is suggestive of boldness and courage.

Celeborn (SAY-lay-born or KEH-lay-born) – Derived from Sindarin, Celeborn is a combination name meaning “silver tree,” symbolizing wisdom and dignity.

Celebrían (keh-le-BREE-an) – Derived from Sindarin, Celebrian means “silver queen” or “noble queen,” reflecting elegance, grace, and regality.

Elanor (EL-a-nor) – Derived from Sindarin, Elanor means “sun star” or “star sunflower,” symbolizing brightness, beauty, and hope.

Eldarion (el-DAR-ee-an) – Derived from both Quenya and Sindarin, Eldarion means “descendent of elves,” symbolizing wisdom and friendship.

Elendil (el-en-DIL) – Derived from Sindarin, Elendil translates to “Elf-friend” or “Elf-lover,” carrying an aura of friendship, honor, and respect.

Elrohir (el-ROH-heer) – Derived from Sindarin, Elrohir means “elven horse master,” symbolizing loyalty and strength.

Elrond (EL-rond) – A name derived from Sindarin, Elrond translates to “star dome” or “star vault,” symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and celestial connection.

Eomer (AY-o-mer) – This name of Rohirric origin signifies “horse fame” or “famous horseman,” reflecting skill, bravery, and horsemanship.

Éowyn (ay-o-win) – A name of Rohirric origin, Éowyn signifies “horse joy” or “horse lover,” representing a fierce and brave character.

Faramir (FA-ra-meer) – This name of Gondorian origin signifies “sufficient jewel” or “enough treasure,” representing inner strength, valor, and nobility.

Frodo (FRO-do) – A name synonymous with the hero of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo means “wise by experience” or “wise one,” symbolizing wisdom and resilience.

Galadriel (ga-la-DREE-el) – Derived from Sindarin, Galadriel translates to “maiden crowned with radiant light,” representing beauty, wisdom, and power.

Galadwen (ga-la-dwen) – With roots in Sindarin, Galadwen translates to “maiden of radiance” or “maiden of light,” evoking an aura of beauty and luminosity.

Gamling (GAM-ling) – Likely derived from Common Speech, Gamling has an unknown meaning but the character signifies bravery and loyalty.

Gandalf (gan-DAHlf) – This iconic name means “wand elf” or “elf with a staff,” embodying wisdom, magic, and guidance.

Gimli (GYM-lee) – Derived from Khuzdul, Gimli has an undefined meaning but the character suggests it symbolizes service and loyalty.

Isildur (ee-SIL-dur) – With roots in Quenya, Isildur signifies “devoted to the moon” or “moon lover,” carrying a sense of mystique and lunar connection.

Legolas (leh-GOH-las) – A name of Sindarin origin, Legolas means “green leaves” or “green leaf,” evoking imagery of nature, agility, and elven grace.

Lúthien (LOO-thee-en) – This ethereal name derives from Sindarin and signifies “enchantress” or “daughter of flowers,” capturing the essence of beauty, love, and enchantment.

Meriadoc (mer-ee-a-dok) – Also known as Merry, this name signifies “famous and powerful” or “great ruler,” representing loyalty, bravery, and wit.

Ondoher (OH-ndo-herr) – Derived from Quenya, Ondoher means “stone lord,” symbolizing strength and leadership.

Peregrin (per-uh-grin) – Also known as Pippin, this name means “traveler” or “wanderer,” representing curiosity, adventure, and a free spirit.

Samwise (SAM-wise) – A name that exudes loyalty and friendship, Samwise means “half-wise” or “half-witted,” symbolizing steadfastness and devotion.

Saruman (SAW-ruh-man) – Derived from Sindarin, Saruman means “clever person,” symbolizing wisdom and ambition.

Théoden (THAY-o-den) – A name of Rohirric origin, Théoden signifies “lord” or “ruler,” representing authority, wisdom, and courage.

Theodred (THEE-o-dred) – A name of Rohirric origin, Theodred signifies “counsel of the king” or “king’s advisor,” symbolizing wisdom, loyalty, and nobility.

Would you consider any of these names for your little ones? The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a rich source of inspiration for baby names, offering a tapestry of magical, noble, and enchanting options.


Mallory Moss is the co-founder of and co-host of The Baby Names Podcast. Mallory has a PhD in psychiatric nursing and has written articles for The Huffington Post on names and name trends. She has one grown daughter, Veronica, who lives in Austria.