Dear Jennifer,

My husband and I adopted a Maine Coon kitten last night…and of course went through the sweet agony of finding a name for her. We finally picked the name “Maya”. I checked your website AFTER we named her and found that yall had suggested that the following names would also please us: Ava, Mia, Olivia, Ella, Isabella, Emma and Chloe!

Believe it or not, the other names we had considered…in chronological order were: Chloe, Emma, Eva, Mia, Mila, Mimi, and Ella…In short, your website ROCKS!!!!!


Iman L.

kittenDear Iman,
It’s so great to hear that our collaborative filter works and thanks so much for the kind words! A collaborative filter is just a long name for the section on each name page that says “People who like the name —- also like…” The data comes from our members’ name lists, of which we have over half a million! I like to vote on them.

Have fun with your new kitty cat. Maya is a beautiful name!


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