Hi Jennifer,

There’s a name that I read in a book that I like: Donnigan. It sounds Irish, but I wasn’t sure, and I was also hoping you might be able to help find the meaning as well.


Hi Kara,
You’re right, Donnigan is an Irish name…a surname (last name), actually. There are many variations on the name which was originally spelled Ó Donnagáin, including Donegan, Donnegan, Doneghan, Donneghan, Donagan, Donnagan, Donnaghan, Dunegan, Dunnegan, O’Donegan, O’Dunnegan, O’Donnaghan, Dongan, Donegin, Donnegin, Donnagen, Donagen, Donnegen, Donegen, Donnigan, Donigan, Dunigan, Dunnigan, Dongane, Dongan, Dongen, Dungan, and many more!

It basically means “From the family of the brown one” used for people with darker hair or skin tone. Thank you for submitting the name Donnigan, we have added it to the site!



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