Hello Grandma Maggie,

My name is Melissa, and my partner and I have been trying to conceive for the past six months. Although we have been trying for six months, month after month there is always disappointment. To my knowledge, we are doing everything right: our diets, our exercising, you name it we’re doing it. Recently, I have just found out that my sister has gotten pregnant after trying for just one month, and she already has a five-year-old. That is also disappointing. So, if no advice you can give me, at least some words of encouragement. Thank you for your time.


Dear Melissa,

My advice is if you are not conceiving after a year of trying, then see a medical specialist for advice and help on this issue. As far as your sister getting pregnant: what others have or don’t have has nothing to do with your life.belly

Meanwhile, think about trying this. Ask your sister if you can be part of her pregnancy to learn how things go when one is pregnant. When your niece or nephew is born, ask how it affects the 5-year-old and how your sister handles things. Ask if you can help by either watching the baby for her or perhaps taking the older child out for a treat. Of course I am assuming that you and your sister live in the same area.

Just keep in touch with encouragement and joy because that will be the best thing to do for you and the others. Plus, when your baby finds you, you will be better prepared. It is so important for us to remember that what happens in our lives has nothing to do with others’ lives, nor theirs with ours, except in the way it is handled. If your sister would not be pregnant, that wouldn’t mean you would get pregnant any sooner.

This is a hard time for you and I appreciate that. I send comfort and kind thoughts.

My best,
Grandma Maggie