You’ve been told a million times that your nutrition is pivotal in the development of your baby, and even its lifelong health. There are a ton of foods that are on the “do-not-eat” list, and a new list of things you need to get in your system, namely vitamins, is never ending. During pregnancy, your body needs loads specific vitamins, and much more than you can get from an average diet!

Between completely redoing your weekly grocery go-tos and juggling a ton of pills, nutrition can quickly turn into a headache.

Get your prenatal vitamins in easily and deliciously with ERZO Vitamin Biscuits!

Thanks to ERZO Vitamin Biscuits, prenatal vitamins can be simple and delicious. They’ve combined a whole grain biscuit with a carefully formulated blend of your complete prenatal vitamin. Three little biscuits a day, whenever you like (together or spaced out)— no pills, no nausea, no gag reflex, no excuses.

The biscuits contain 100% whole grain (great for a long lasting boost of energy), no artificial sweeteners, 0g Trans Fat and is non-GMO. It’s so easy to incorporate these into your diet— enjoy them with some peanut butter, dip them in your morning tea, you can even crumble them into your yogurt or cereal.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside each biscuit:

Get your prenatal vitamins in easily and deliciously with ERZO Vitamin Biscuits!

Each box retails for $10.99, but you can save 15% per box and get free shipping if you subscribe for recurring deliveries! Find out more on their website.

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