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Boy Named Summer

Hi Jennifer,

My son was born on June 23 which is the date of summer arrival in lunar calendar. I would like to give him a meaningful name “Summer” but my hubby think it’s a girl name. Is it only for girl? Read More

Baby in a Longboard? Check it out!

Strollers manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo one another, and this one is no exception.

The Quinny Longboard Stroller allows adults to skateboard with their baby riding sidecar in an attached stroller seat. Safety is somewhat controversial, however, since it is only approved in Europe and not in the U.S. Read More

“Rebranding” an Adopted Child

Dear Jennifer,

We will be adopting a beautiful, spunky, outgoing, very popular blonde female very soon. To give you a little detail to further assist us, we will be moving after the adoption. We felt that since we were adopting her and her current name will be changing anyway, that this is a great time to help (if you will) “re-brand” her name! Read More