We were very excited to be able to sample some of the Ella’s Kitchen products that aren’t sold in the stores we frequent. My children, ages 4 and 2, and I are big fans of the Ella’s Kitchen brand of snacks. I love the fact that they are all organic and don’t use much added sugar in their products, if at all. Target carries a good variety of Ella’s Kitchen products, and they do have deals on occasion. I find them affordable as far as organic snacks for kids go. I regularly buy the fruit and veggie pouches and all of the flavors are tasty and well liked by both of my kids.

The first product we sampled was the Amaaazing Apple + Zucchini Smoothie Drink. There are 4 individual 8 oz boxes in one case of these smoothies. I chilled them before serving, though I don’t think that is necessary.

I am admittedly rather strict about the food and drink my kids consume on a daily basis. I thought that this smoothie was going to be a sweet juice like drink with little to no filling factor. I make a smoothie just about every day and I usually add some healthy fats to it like avocado or a nut butter to keep us full, and this smoothie doesn’t have that. The taste was surprisingly veggie like with just a little bit of the apple juice flavor coming through. I would buy these again if they were available in my store. The kids were very happy with the taste! I don’t think that they are that filling though. My one complaint is that the type of straw that is included is one of those types of straws that gets extended by one thinner piece coming out of a thicker top part of the straw. My daughter kept losing the straw as it would collapse into itself as she pushed down on it while drinking.

We also got a box of the Mangoes and Carrots Nibbly Fingers. My kids go nuts for this snack. It also comes in apple/strawberry or banana/raisin. There are 5 individually wrapped little snack bars in one box. They aren’t hard or crunchy, so little ones can easily eat this snack, too. They are easy to take on the go. Personally, I don’t think the flavor is bursting or robust, but who am I to judge? My kids would literally eat the entire box at once if I let them I am happy to purchase these over and over again because it isn’t that easy to find a non-perishable organic snack that I can throw in my bag and keep on hand when we’re out and about. And because these little bars aren’t crunchy, they don’t get smushed into crumbs at the bottom of my bag and because they aren’t too soft, they don’t smush into a pancake. I think they’re perfect!

The kids were super excited to try the Coconut Water Electrolyte Drink with pears and berries. This is a 32oz container, and I did chill before serving. Again, I was wary of the fact that there was added fruit and wasn’t sure if I was ready to introduce such a “juice” type drink. All members of our family are used to drinking the Trader Joe’s brand of coconut water, but it doesn’t have any added fruit juice/puree to it. However, I was again pleasantly surprised. The kids loved it and it was’t too sweet tasting at all. It has the same grams of sugar as the coconut water we do drink, however some of the vitamin percentages are way less on Ella’s than on Trader Joe’s. I would buy this again on occasion if it was sold at a store near us, but I don’t think it will make it into the regular rotation around here.

You can find Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and drinks in stores and online at Target.

Miranda Mendelson has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is an owner/partner in BabyNames.com and daughter of founder Jennifer Moss.

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