Taking the baby tech world by storm is Hatch Baby’s Smart Changing Pad (www.hatchbaby.com). This electronic changing pad does about everything but change the baby’s diapers! It will take the baby’s weight and track the baby’s growth, diaper changing, feedings, and sleephatch on a smart phone-enabled app. Input requires some help from the parents but the output is valuable, such as being able to see your baby’s growth percentile using World Health Organization data.

Sounds great, right? Well, here’s the catch. The price of this item, which was featured on Shark Tank, is $249, the most expensive changing pad I know about. However, it does come in four colors, weighs only 9 pounds, and has a safety strap (not pictured). So if you are looking for a baby gift that will make a splash, or are a parent willing to save up, this item is sure to be helpful for all new parents who want to keep a techie eye on their new baby.




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