I can’t say enough about this Lorena Canals Hippy Soft Nursery Rug. It is stunning! Pictures do not do it justice. I had a hard time choosing a color, because they were all fabulous. But I am in love with the hippy soft pink. It’s the perfect shade of light pink, without being pastel. The design is gorgeous as well. The zigzags are a creamy white color. Not too white, but not dingy at all. It is perfect in my girls’ ballerina room.

The Lorena Canals rug is so soft and squishy. It is very high quality. My girls love to sit and play on it. We use it for their reading area, and it’s been great. It’s a high traffic area in their room. We’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t look matted at all. It still looks brand new, and I’m sure it will stay looking that way. It feels more like a soft blanket than a rug. I was also very happy with the size! I measured before ordering, but was skeptical. Sometimes photos online make rugs look larger than they actually are. But the websites depiction of the sizing was very accurate.

The rug is also machine washable. I will admit, I was very skeptical about putting it in the wash. It’s so gorgeous that I would’ve been so bummed if it came out looking less than perfect. But I figured I better, for the purpose of this review. I followed the directions exactly as stated. There’s a tag under the rug that has the instructions for washing. It came out looking perfect! You couldn’t even tell that I had washed it. That was a relief. It definitely did not need washed when I washed it, though. I think the only time I would have needed to wash it would be if one of my girls spilled something on it.

I am very happy with this rug. So much so that I want to order another one for my baby’s nursery, as well as one for their play room. It is so amazing, I would highly recommend it!

You can find the Lorena Canals Hippy Soft Nursery Rug on Amazon for $227.

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