Upon hearing the name Shape Mags you might wonder – what are they? The Magnetic Stick N Stack Shape Mags are essentially 3D Magnetic Plates (they come in different shapes and sizes) that you can stick together in various configurations to create anything you want. When I received the 100 piece Shape Mags set in the mail, I was immediately impressed with the bright design of the box and the picture breakdown on the back that shows exactly what is contained in the set. My kids, a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, spotted the box and instantly asked if they could open it.


Once we got the box open, they were fascinated by the different shapes and the ways the magnetic plates connect. The 100 piece set contains a mixture of squares, rectangles, three different types of triangles, “window” pieces, and two car bases. My kids were immediately drawn to the car bases and started constructing various vehicles using the Shape Mags. My daughter created a “large family RV” while my son proudly showed me his “police car.” One of the nice things about Shape Mags is that the magnets around the perimeter of the shapes allow the plates to fit together nicely, and they also assist kids in easily creating a stable structure (something that can often be challenging for younger children).

The first time we played with the Shape Mags, my kids happily played together with them for 45 minutes; they created vehicles, and then tracks for their vehicles, then broke everything apart and sorted everything by color and shape. The Shape Mags come in various colors (yellow, red, blue green) within the set, and my daughter even built a tower by “making a pattern with the blocks.”


In the week since we’ve gotten the set, the kids have played with the Shape Mags every day. I figured that my daughter would be extremely interested because she’s always been into building and creating things, but it has been my son’s enthusiastic response that has most surprised me. He’s never before spent much time with building blocks or creating things, but over the past week he’s spent at least 45 minutes each day playing with the Shape Mags.

I highly recommend Shape Mags for children of all ages. They are sturdy, durable, brightly colored, well made, and a lot of fun to play with. Whether you are looking for a new type of “building block” for your kids or searching for a gift idea for someone else, Shape Mags are a great addition to any kid’s toy box.


You can find the Magnetic Stick N Stack Shape Mags 100-piece Classic Set on Amazon for $69.99.

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