This is the second in our series on learning websites for children. Read Part 1 here.

A few more websites to acclimate the kids to the Season of School: is a favorite learning site among teachers and parents, but I found the navigation and sign-up process clunky (password authentication is a series of pictures, e.g.). Still, if you or your little one can figure it out, PBS kids offers lots of apps and games for preschoolers to teach letters, sounds, numbers and elements of science.

Sesame Street’s website, on the other hand, is a terrific, easy-to-navigate website for preschoolers, where kids can play learning games with their favorite Sesame Street characters. Many of the learning games mirror environments and activities that children learn in preschool, so this is a great site to familiarize younger children with the preschool experience.

The Kidz Page, which has been online since 1998, has thousands of free games, puzzles, art projects, and other various activities. Its learning-games page lists math games, word games, spot-the-difference games, and Sudoku games, among others. The interface is easy to learn, and navigation across the site is simple.

Next week: Homework help for older children.



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