It’s hard enough to get our kids to eat and drink what we put in front of them… but once they do dig in, what a mess that can make! BabyNames Mom Jacky put three mealtime helpers to the test with her four year old daughter.

The Cibo Placemat

The Cibo Placemat has a nifty silicone packet to catch messes during mealtime. The silicone material helps the placemat adhere to most table surfaces and easy to wash/wipe after every use.

My three-year is a messy eater and this came to us like a godsend! I was constantly vacuuming or sweeping floors after meal times due to my messy eater. Now, with Cibo I don’t have to. The mat catches 95% of my daughter’s remnants (she manages to spill a crumb or two). The Cibo help cleanups become a breeze! My daughter knows, when I call mealtime, to grab her mat. It’s now part of our mealtime regimens.

The Cibo is BPA & Phthalate free and catches so much food! It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for, as the current market doesn’t have this type of invention. We’ve used this mat when eating out at a restaurant or when going to Nana’s — to avoid spills or a messy aftermath. It’s easy to roll up and take on the go. Because of the Cibo silicone material it really does adhere to the table; It does not move, which is great for young babies or active toddlers. I understand the half circle cut design is meant for a bowl or a dish but it’s too small as far as protecting the surface of the table from crumbs. Had it been a square design it would also serve as a snack plate. All in all, I would repurchase this product or give it as a gift to my mommy friends. Highly recommended.

The Cibo Placemat – $24.98


The Poli Sippy Cup

Easy to clean, sturdy, and spill proof, parents can rest assured their child will not be subjected to any mold or bacteria due to the patent spout-design of the Poli Sippy Cup. The spout is similar to that of a baby teether, which is great for comfort. Valentina received the Humpty Dumpy design in green, which is cute design and bright. It’s easy for her tiny hands to hold.

We’ve gone through a vast variety of sippy cups. Prior to the Poli Sippy, our constant issue was the wash and mold residue lingering in the cups. We had several dollars thrown to the trash due to this very reason. Not to mention lost parts! Most mornings spent trying to find parts to a sippy cup…. oy! The Poli Sippy Cup is unlike the rest – it solves several problems! The first wash was a bit challenging trying to assemble the sprout back to place, it took a bit of patience. Definitely follow the instructions! All parts are attached to the lid even during wash. Mornings spent looking for lost valves are long gone! The Poli Sippy Cup is quite durable since my daughter tends to drop it everywhere – granite, concrete, etc nothing gives. It passed that test with flying colors! Have to say I am very impressed with the spill proof and spout design! High quality for sure!

The Poli Sippy Cup – $17.99


The Bumpit Bowl

The Bumpit Bowl is designed to stay put on any non-porous surface. It includes a top tier divider for snacks and a top lid to keep food either hot or cold. The lid definitely is sturdy and seals to the bowl which is great when traveling – no spillage! The non-spill technology truly saves me from the occasional cereal spill. It’s easy to wash or load in a dish-washer and BPA free.

With this bowl the suction technology is rather strong and durable throughout meal times. I would advise to suction the bowl to the table without the green bowl attachment as it may be a bit tricky to adhere when the bowl is filled with food. The bowl comes in one size only which can be issue for those with young babies/children. My daughter, Val, is quite the mover and wish I had this bowl when she was in her throwing phase.

At the moment, the only issue with meal time is accidental spills or crumbs. My only disappointment with this bowl is that it only has one size and color available. It’s perfect for my 3 year old but maybe not for a small toddler learning to use utensils. Luckily, Val will not out grow this bowl any time soon. Overall, I was impressed with the non-spill technology and the high quality of the bowl itself — one of my go-to bowls for my daughter.

The Bumpit Bowl – $19.95



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