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Winkpass Creation’s iPregnant app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is a pregancy tracker chock-full of features.

Its Journal feature provides room for tracking weight, doctors appointments, and notes as your pregancy progresses. You can customize reminders (a lifesaver if you have the all-too-common “pregnancy brain”) as well as questions for your doctor.

The Photos feature allows you to add your own titles/captions, and you can choose various color themes and calendar styles.

The week-by-week guide shows you the estimated size, length and weight of your baby, as well as 3-D graphics of that stage in utero.

The app also has special sections of interest for parents of multiples, teen parents, high-risk pregnancies and pregnancies to women older than 35.

The iPregnant app is free; you can find it in the iTunes store or here.

Susan Moss is an owner/partner in and is a freelance bookkeeper in Chicago, Illinois.