What I wasn’t expecting is that the Snapper Rock Towelling Onezie would become one of my favorite items for the pool, bathtime, and water fun. This is a well thought out accessory for those days spent splashing around with your little one.


Before receiving the terrycloth coverup it was more of an ordeal transferring our 2 1/2 month old from the pool, into our air conditioned home, and into a bath where it took at least 5 minutes to warm up. He was squirmy and always ended up in a wet swim diaper, less than 1/2 wrapped in a towel that wouldn’t stay put. He lost body heat rather quickly during the transfer and my Mommy guilt always hit when the bath was finally warm enough and I had to pick up my son whose hands and feet felt a bit icy.


The Towelling Onesie is a full body hooded coverup which is very Mommy / Daddy friendly. Adorned with full snaps similar to the Carter’s snap Sleep and Plays it is easy to get on a damp baby who is either still in their swim clothes or bare down to their swim diaper. The terry cloth material is soft and absorbent as an adult towel. It is rather plush compared to many of the thin hooded baby towels on the market. It is just as easy to quickly take off due too the full buttoned design so there is little elapsed time where our son is spent damp and in the AC before entering a warm bath.


I have thrown it in the wash along with the babies washcloths, and bath towels, and it has come out of the dryer just as I received it. It seems very well made and I can see it lasting many more washings beyond my son outgrowing it.


Overall, Snapper Rock has made a truly great coverup with ease and convenience in mind for both Mom and Dad. Per the coverup there isn’t anything I can think of that I don’t particularly care for except that I find hooded baby items a bit unnecessary. While a hooded towel, or coverup makes for cute photo ops in my mind they don’t stay on well. I truly love this product and see myself purchasing it again in a large size when my son has outgrown it (with or without a hood).

This is something I highly recommend for all those parents who are fed up with robes that are too short, towels which slip off of baby, or just those who enjoy some splash time.

Find the Snapper Rock Towelling Onezie online for $46

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