Is your little one fussy at bedtime? VTech Baby’s Soothing Slumbers Bedtime Bear will help Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 3.24.09 PMlull her to sleep with its soft, plushy fabric and an array of calming and tranquilizing tunes.

The Bedtime Bear, geared to ages newborn to 2 years, plays lullabies when the button on her tummy is pressed and stops automatically after 10 or so minutes (or before then if the button is pressed twice). Forty-seven comforting sing-along songs, melodies, sounds and phrases are included so baby never gets bored.

There’s a volume-control button (by the battery compartment), and a soft, pulsing red light to help soothe baby.

Currently selling for under $15 at Amazon, the Bedtime Bear, which runs on two AA batteries (included), makes a great shower or new-baby gift. Buy it here.







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