Even though summer is coming to a close, swim goggles for babies and toddlers can come in handy year round. From vacations to fussy bath time adventures, you may find yourself in need of a way to protect your little one’s peepers. Luckily, Babiators has your kid covered… and in style!

The Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles’ material is high quality and durable plastic. The swim goggles come in a cute submarine plastic case for storage and to play in the water. The goggles also provide UVA/UVB protection and just how sunscreen protects the skin, UV sunglasses protect the eyes – even under water. Kids may be exposed to 3X more UV exposure than adults, so eye protection is something that’s very important as a mom. These goggles definitely do just that and it doesn’t hurt that they are fashionable too.

Unlike tradition individual eye goggles, these have high-quality silicone and vacuum suction to your child’s face. The adjustable button is easy to push down to modify the straps and adhere to your child’s head size. These protect little eyes from leaks or slipping off tiny heads. Because of the button’s adjustable mechanism, we can use these babies for many summers to come. Though, we live in California and can swim most of the year.

These goggles are also comfortable on my 4-year-old nose and ears, plus no strap marks! My daughter asks for her goggles any time we go to the pool. These goggles have definitely changed the duration of her swim classes as well, because she is comfortable. Before the Babiators, Valentina’s swim class was always cut short due to her eyes burning. Now now we’ve been able to enjoy the entire session.

The company provides a lost and found guarantee policy. You can register by using the 12 digit UPC number (provided on the package) which will track your product. If your child loses or breaks the sunglasses or goggles within one year of purchase, they will send a FREE replacement. And that to me is great customer service!

We love our Babiator goggles and they’ve helped us make the most out of summer.

You can buy the Babiator Submarine Swim Goggles for Toddlers on Amazon for $25.

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