Among the fascinating new high-tech items we saw the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Infanttech’s new Smarttemp Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer was one ofsmarttemp1 the standouts.

Currently priced on Amazon for around $70, with free shipping for Prime members, the Smarttemp thermometer allows you to monitor your baby’s temperature remotely in realtime through your smart phone–without waking baby up.

Whether you’re in the next room or at your office, the Smarttemp provides valuable information such as alerts if baby’s temperature goes above a certain threshold, or when it’s time to give baby her next dose of medicine. The data can also be shared with your baby’s physician.

To use the Smarttemp thermometer, simply download the app to your smart phone and place the small blue adhesive pad under baby’s underarm. Smarttemp comes with a thermometer, a carrying case, 10 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3-year battery life with no charging required. Each pad lasts up to 24 hours, and can be used more than once.

Parents who’ve bought and used the Smarttemp thermometer love its ease of use, its notification features, and its ability to let baby sleep instead of waking her up for temp-taking.

The Smarttemp thermometer is available here.


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