I’ve done other subscription box services before, but the baby toys in the RocketBaby Box take things to a whole new level of fun. Opening the box and watching my daughter’s response to the assortment of toys carefully chosen to stimulate her growth and development was a delight. There’s something exciting about the anticipation and surprise of the unknown, and with this well-curated box I feel confident that it’s worth the wait.

Before our box arrived, I filled out a short survey online about my child’s age and stages of development. The survey only took a few minutes and it asked questions about areas of strength for her as well as areas where I’d like to see her grow. The subscription costs $35.95 per month, or $200 for six months.

When the box arrived, we found four toys inside with a card explaining the products and how they stimulate learning for baby. I did find the packaging a little annoying. The items were packed securely and nothing arrived damaged, and the presentation is very nice, but the small strips of paper are also a bit messy and a potential choking hazard to baby. The four toys we received were Rubbabu Sports Balls, Wee Gallery “I See” Stroller Cards, Manhattan Toy Texture Shapes, and Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads.

I took the toys out of their packaging and laid them out on the floor in front of my daughter to see which ones she was drawn to first. I was impressed that she did show an interest in all the items, although she was most intrigued by the Rubbabu Sports Balls. They came as a set of three velvety soft balls molded from natural rubber foam using non-toxic materials to resemble a soccer ball, a basketball, and a tennis ball. My daughter really enjoyed the feel of these balls and retrieving them each time they rolled away, and I was generally pleased with the quality. However, the tag that came with the balls does note that they are not teething toys and should be used by teething children only under adult supervision, because it is possible for a child to bite pieces out of the foam. I also noted that neither the tag nor the balls state where they are made, which I know can be a matter of concern for many parents.

Fortunately, the box also contained some other items more appropriate for her current teething habits. Both the Manhattan Toy Texture Shapes and Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads were noted as safe for teething babies. The 100% silicone Texture Shapes are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free and can be tossed into the refrigerator or freezer for extra teething relief while the Baby Beads are made of wooden balls. Both items from the Manhattan Toy Company are brightly colored and feature interesting textures to stimulate baby’s visual and tactile senses. We own a few other products from this company and have been pleased with the quality and durability. Their sturdy materials also mean they are easy to clean!

My daughter had the least interest in the Wee Gallery “I See” Stroller Cards. The double-sided cards are very sturdy and feature lovely bold black-and-white illustrations, and have a handy strap so you can attach them to a stroller, backpack, or diaper bag. For example, one card states “I see a dog” with a picture of a dog on one side, then asks “Is the dog big or little?” on the other side. The cards seem like they may be better suited for older babies, since they’re essentially conversation starters to prompt your child to observe the environment around them, but they also serve as a nice reminder of the value of narrating the world around you for the younger babies, too.

I had difficulty finding accurate pricing for each of the items online as some appear to be out of stock or, in the case of the Rubbabu balls, came as a package of three but appear to normally be sold either as a set of six or individually. My best estimate from the prices I could find, though, placed the total value of the items in the box around $58, which means the toys were a steal in the $35.95 RocketBaby Box. I do wonder if we really need to add four new toys to our collection every month, and it would be nice if there was an option to sign up to receive boxes less frequently, like every other month or quarterly. However, the carefully curated box provided lots of stimulating and engaging toys for my daughter to learn from and is well worth trying out if you’re interested in taking your baby’s play to the next level!

You can get your own RocketBaby Box on their website for $35.95/mo.

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