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As a mom, it can be easy to feel that time is just not on your side. With so many responsibilities, keeping up appearances can fall to the wayside without much thought. Come an opportunity to get gussied up, we’re often forced to “stick to the basics.” What if I told you there are beauty products out there that will not only keep you looking and feeling great, but also save you time? Top beauty bloggers share their favorite time saving beauty products for moms that can make your routine a lot easier.

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Detangling Brush

Whether you have unruly hair, or the worst mane of all belongs to one of your own cubs, a powerful detangling brush will save you a ton of time (and spare you tears). The Wet Brush is what I turn to for working through after-shower tangles and every day knots. What once took twenty minutes to work through is now smoothed out in a few strokes of the brush when I want clump-free hair. Read my full review of the Wet Brush here.

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CC Cream

This product pulls overtime in accomplishing a ton of skin benefits at once, be it moisture, reducing fine lines, and evening skin tone with what is usually light to medium coverage.

“Being a mom to a 5-yr old, I have a quick everyday beauty routine; I like products that can help me get ready in a flash!  I love my It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 –  it really gives a natural “your skin but better” glow. With its buildable, medium to full (yet natural-looking) coverage, I can count on this product to cover up my acne scars and dark spots almost completely without looking like I’m wearing a ton of makeup… complexion perfection in a flash!” -Harshleen Chhabra,

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A good skin care routine is essential for a smooth makeup application.

“As a mom, it’s easy to forget about yourself because all of your focus is on the kids, especially when it comes to getting ready weekday mornings.  But, looking well put-together is a must for me. I find that having a good skincare regimen works wonders. A good regimen means brighter, clearer, and healthier-looking skin, thus, reducing my need for makeup.  My go-to product these days is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, which helps get rid of dead skin cells, making it look less dull and more vibrant. This way, I can forgo the foundation, and just throw on mascara and a nice lippie.” -Kim S., Beauty and the Bump

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Dry Shampoo

This godsend product will extend the life of your hairdo so you can skip an extra day of washing.

“As a new mama, I’ve found that Batiste Dry Shampoo is hands down my holy grail mommy time-saving beauty product. We’re still getting into the swing of things and sometimes (a lot of times) I have to pick between cuddles or taking a shower. I think we all know what I pick. A few quick sprays of the Batiste Dry Shampoo and no one needs to know you chose cuddle time over shower time!” -Noelle, XONoelle

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Strong Concealer

A powerful concealer can be a one-step product to achieving bright eyes and a clear-looking complexion. My pick is the L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer, which is not only full coverage but also extremely affordable.

“I like using a super pigmented concealer for the versatility. I’ve found that I can add a little to my BB Cream, increasing the coverage as needed. I can also apply the concealer directly to my undereye circles, and with just a little blending (using my Beauty Blender) it’s easy to pull off the no makeup look! I can skip foundation and my look is much more natural.” -Christine Mikesell, 15 Minute Beauty

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Express Mani/Pedi

Getting a full salon nail treatment can cost you precious time and money. Scrubs can help keep your skin, nails and cuticles looking great.

“As a busy mom, I’m always washing my hands, and the Barielle 60-Second Mani/Pedi scrub is such a quick and easy way for me to keep my hands and nails soft! This especially helps during the winter months, with cold and flu season, along with washing dishes. I use it every night before I go to bed; I’m literally finished in 60 seconds and left with soft hands!” -Dani, From Polish with Love

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Set It and Forget It Foundation

Once you find the foundation that works for your hectic schedule, you’re set!

“The It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation is a powder foundation with mega-coverage that doesn’t feel heavy. I can dust this one while running out the door and be assured any marks or blemishes will be hidden. It’s also light enough to be used over-top of a liquid foundation for extra coverage when you’re not in such a hurry.” -Brooke Pakulski, Blushing Noir

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Long Lasting Cheek and Lip Stain

Stains are a great way to save time on touching up, since most can be applied in the morning and look great for hours.

“A stain like Staniac from theBalm multitasks and can be used to brighten the cheeks and give a rosy tint to lips!” -Sheila Arkee, Painted Ladies

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