What is the meaning of the name Emma?

The name Emma is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Universal.

Emma is often used as a name on its own or as the diminutive form of Emily. Common nicknames include Em and Emmy.

The popularity of the name Emma began in the UK and made its way to the US in the 1990s.

Famous Emmas include many A-list actresses, including Emma (Emily) Stone, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, and Emma Watson. Emma Lazarus is a famous American poet and Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton is a British singer and
member of the popular girl group, The Spice Girls.

Fictional characters named Emma include Emma Bovary (Madame Bovary), Emma Woodhouse (Jane Austen’s Emma), and Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Ross and Rachel on the TV show Friends named their famous TV baby Emma. Emma Peel is a character from The Avengers comic/movie series.

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Stats for the Name Emma

checkmark Emma is currently #34 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Emma is currently #2 in U.S. births

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