• Gender: Male
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God Is My Strength

What is the meaning of the name Gabriel?

The name Gabriel is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means God Is My Strength.

In the Bible, Gabriel is an archangel who was God’s messenger. Common nicknames for the name Gabriel include Gabe and Gabey.

Famous people with the name Gabriel include rulers (Gabriel II and III of Constantinople), Prince Gabriel Constantinovich of Russia, and Prince Gabriel of Russia. Actors name Gabriel include Gabriel Byrne, Gabriel Braga Nunes, and Gabe Kaplan, a prodigious poker player and actor from television’s 1970s show, Welcome Back Kotter. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a winner of the Nobel Prize in literature and Gabriel Marcel was a French philosopher. Gabriel Iglesias is a Mexican-American comedian and Gabriel Prosser was a leader of a slave rebellion in the U.S.

Fictional characters with the name Gabriel include Gabriel Stokes of the TV show, The Walking Dead and Gabriel Van Helsing from the movie Van Helsing. Gabriel is a character on Supernatural and also the name of a hero on the television show Heroes.

Author Daniel Silva used the name Gabriel Allon for a series of his books about the Israeli Mossad agent.

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Celebrity Babies with this Name:

Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis - son of Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani , born 1995

Stats for the Name Gabriel

checkmark Gabriel is currently #15 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Gabriel is currently #38 in U.S. births

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Gabriel - Lamb
Gabriel - Lamb
Gabriel's Message - Sting
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