What is the meaning of the name Hudson?

The name Hudson is primarily a male name of English origin that means Son Of Hudd.

Hudd is a diminutive form of Richard, Hugh, or the Old English name Hudde. Hudson was originally an English surname now also used as a first name.

Although popular today, there are very few famous people with the first name Hudson. Hudson de Souza and Hudson Rodrigues dos Santos are Brazilian athletes. Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson, but she changed it
so it would not be too close to actress Kate Hudson. Ernie Hudson is an American actor as was Rock Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is an Academy Award winningactress and singer.

Hudson Hawk was the title name with of a movie with Bruce Willis. Angus Hudson was a butler in the t.v. show Upstairs Downstairs.

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Stats for the Name Hudson

checkmark Hudson is currently #45 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Hudson is currently #34 in U.S. births