Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Prince/Rich/Cultivated

What is the meaning of the name Aamir?

The name Aamir is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means Prince/Rich/Cultivated.

A number of Arabic names can be rendered into English as Amir

Different Spellings of the name Aamir:

Ahmir, Ameer, Aamir

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Names that sound like Aamir:

Anwar, Annora, Amiri, Amir, Amara, Amor, Amory, Amora, Amery, Amira, Amoura, Amari, Amar, Amare, Annmarie, Anwer, Amirah, Ammar, Anahira, Aynur, Amaru, Amariah, Aamira, Ameera

Stats for the Name Aamir

checkmark Aamir is currently not ranked on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Aamir is currently #117 in U.S. births

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