What is the meaning of the name Casie?

The name Casie is primarily a gender-neutral name of Irish origin that means Vigilant In War.

Irish surname. "Casey at the Bat," famous poem. Casey Kasim, voiceover personality.

Different Spellings of the name Casie:

Kasey, Kacie, Casie, Kaci

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Names that sound like Casie:

Cy, Coye, Coy, Cissy, Chuck, Chika, Chico, Chick, Cheche, Chase, Chas, Cece, Cassius, Cassia, Casey, Cais, Cai, Cassie, Chessa, Chi, Cache, Chaka, Chay, Chaz, Chao, Caia, Chickoa, Coe, Chazz, Coco

Stats for the Name Casie

checkmark Casie is currently not in the top 100 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Casie is currently #521 in U.S. births

Songs about Casie

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Casey Jones - The Grateful Dead
Pat Casey - Sperrmüll

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