• Gender: Female
  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: To Praise, Acclaim

What is the meaning of the name Cleo?

The name Cleo is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means To Praise, Acclaim.

Diminutive of Cleopatra. Miss Cleo, TV "Psychic"

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Celebrity Babies with this Name:

Cleo James Schulman - daughter of Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo , born 2016
Cleo Buckman Shwimmer - daughter of David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman , born 2011

Stats for the Name Cleo

checkmark Cleo is currently not in the top 100 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Cleo is currently #664 in U.S. births

Songs about Cleo

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Cleo - John Cale
The Ballad Of Cleo And Joe - Cyndi Lauper
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