Gender: Female
Origin: American
Meaning: Laurel

What is the meaning of the name Lauren?

The name Lauren is primarily a female name of American origin that means Laurel.

Lauren Hutton, fashion model/actress.

Different Spellings of the name Lauren:

Lauryn, Laurynn

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Names that sound like Lauren:

Laraine, Laramie, Laran, Laranya, Lareina, Larna, Laureen, Laurien, Leryn, Lorana, Loren, Lorena, Lorene, Lorianna, Lorin, Lorna, Lorne, Lorraine

Stats for the Name Lauren

checkmark Lauren is currently #100 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Lauren is currently #232 in U.S. births

Songs about Lauren

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Lauren's Cathedral - Mando Diao

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