What is the meaning of the name Sonny?

The name Sonny is primarily a male name of American origin that means Our Son.

Nickname for a male child.

Different Spellings of the name Sonny:


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Stats for the Name Sonny

checkmark Sonny is currently not in the top 100 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts
checkmark Sonny is currently #429 in U.S. births

Potential drawbacks of using the name Sonny:

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1. Potential for confusion or miscommunication due to the common use of "Sonny" as a nickname or term of endearment.
2. Limited professional appeal in certain industries or cultures where informal names may be perceived as less serious or professional.
3. Difficulty in finding personalized items with the name "Sonny" due to its popularity and potential for being a common name.
4. Potential for teasing or bullying based on the association with the word "sonny," which can be used to imply immaturity or naivety.
5. Possible difficulty in establishing a unique identity, as "Sonny" is a relatively common and familiar name that may not stand out among peers.

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