Episode #7 – Jennifer and Mallory discuss the U.S. Social Security Baby Names, ranking the birth names for 2017. What are the newest trends for boys and girls and what is influencing them?

Some cool names mentioned in this episode:
Valorus, Noella, Esta, Oleeta, Zephyr, Melva, Annalise, Annaleigh, Liam, Emma, Treasure, Ennis, Qhyrrae, Pita/Peeta.

Full U.S. Social Security List for 2017

00:27 Cool names we’ve discovered this week
02:52 The 2017 U.S. Social Security Baby Names List
14:29 This episode is brought to you by The Giraffe – a razor extension for pregnant women or people with disabilities.
15:13 Celebrity Baby News
22:48 Baby Names Q&A – questions from our listeners

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