Earlier this month, actor Kellan Lutz, who portrayed the role of Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga film series, announced that he and his wife Brittany were expecting their second child. Today, the couple revealed the gender of their little one!

Brittany shared a video of an elaborate gender announcement that Kellan planned for her. The couple sat with their first child, daughter Ashtyn, in front of a piñata. The piñata was heart-shaped with blue and pink colors and read “Boy or Girl?” Streamers hung from the bottom of the piñata and Brittany started pulling, knowing that only one would reveal what was inside.

The podcaster was teased at first, as she saw a few pieces of pink confetti sprinkle out. But once the whole piñata was emptied she found a mix of pink and blue confetti. Kellan told her that there were coins among the confetti, some blue and some pink. Whichever color of coins was the most was the gender of the baby. Brittany went digging! In the end, she discovered that there were more blue coins than pink. It’s a boy! “Kellan really had me on a roller coaster with this one,” she teased in the caption.

The gender reveal comes just a few days short of Ashtyn’s first birthday. The couple welcomed their first child on February 22 of last year. Brittany joked about have two children under the age of two when announcing her pregnancy. “2 UNDER 2 IN 2022!!!!” she wrote at the time. “Some might say we’re crazy, we say we’re crazy BLESSED.”

Congratulations to Kellan and Brittany on the news of their baby boy! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to welcome their second child into the world.

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