Actor Nico Tortorella, notably known for their role as Josh on the television series Younger, has opened up about their struggles to grow their family. The actor joined their partner for an Instagram video where the couple sang a song they wrote called “Baby Making Song.” The quippy song made light of their very real struggles to conceive a child.

Bethany, Nico’s partner who wrote the joint Instagram post, shared, “We randomly wrote this tune one night when we were feeling extra frustrated and it’s made us laugh ever since. We hope it does the same for you.” While the song is funny in nature, the couple acknowledged that this process is very real and difficult. “In all seriousness though,” Bethany wrote in their post, “anyone going through a fertility journey knows just how hard, exhausting and infuriating the process can be.”

Their song started as “We’re tryin to get pregnant. It’s harder than expected.” The couple, who were wed in 2018, also addressed how this is not something they were taught in school, a notion they have opened up about before. “In all our years of schoolin,” the song continued, “the books they had us foolin.” The lyrics also held a hope for conception, “Your baby’s not in any hurry. It’ll happen when it’s right you’ll see. Put a baby in my belly.”

During Pride Month this past June, the star of The Walking Dead: World Beyond opened up about their frustration with growing their family with Bethany. “Bethany is my family, my chosen one. And these puppies, Papa and Sun. This is belonging. This is our little unit while we attempt to grow more. When chosen family creates more family. I choose you, all of you. I wish getting pregnant was easier. I wish they taught us. I wish I could be pregnant.”

Thank you to Nico and Bethany for being so open about their struggles to conceive. We wish them all the best as they continue to try to grow their family.

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